This page uses Views Bulk Edit to allow you to change the value of a field for multiple Islandora objects. You can configure this view, or build a new one, to perform many other bulk operations.

Give it a try! Build a collection and use this View to change the "Member of" field and add objects to your new collection.

Title Member of Subject
What is this? New Collection Test
New Collection Test
Dog Face Dog Pictures Dogs
Dog and Cat Dog Pictures, Cat Pictures Cats, Dogs
The Chase Dog Pictures Dogs
Dog Pictures Dogs
Puppy with Tongue Out Dog Pictures Dogs
Husky Puppy on Snow Dog Pictures Dogs
Crossed Paws Cat Pictures Cats
Crowned Cat Cat Pictures Cats
Two Brown Tabby cats Cat Pictures Cats
Grey and White Tabby Kitten Cat Pictures Cats
Cat Pictures Cats
Brown Cat With Green Eyes Cat Pictures Cats